Saturday, November 8, 2014

Is North Korea playing with US partisan politics in releasing the two prisoners?

The United States should ban all civilian travel to North Korea, and probably a number of other countries. That is the tone of an op-ed on CNN Saturday by Christian Wilton, link here. (Note the implied reference to the 80s hit movie "Romancing the Stone".) This follows the release of Kenneth Bae and the "kid" Matthew Miller Friday.  The release does seem timed with the GOP win in the midterm US elections, as if North Korea makes itself look more ready to deal with a "new government" (??) as did Iran when Carter was replaced by Reagan

Other stories report group tours of civilians in North Korea, which are downright dangerous for participants -- especially those who don't bow to statues, or carry Bibles.  Miller's story about the torn visa I really don't get at all.  Some observers say that North Korea is feeling the pressure of the idea of possible trials some day for war crimes.  Sunday, The New York Times discusses the role of James R. Clapper, link

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