Monday, November 3, 2014

Ebola survivors in Africa report post-Ebola syndrome including progressive blindness

ABC News, in a GMA story by Liz Neporent, reports that many Ebola survivors in Africa have a serious “post-Ebola syndrome” which can lead to joint problems,  weakness, and even blindness.  The link for the story is here. It is not apparent if this will affect those who recover with advanced care in the US and western countries.  For example, Brantly and Writebol report feeling weak after recovery but seemed to have been signaling that they were gradually recovering strength.  As far as we know, both Texas nurses are doing well, and Anthony Fauci at NIH had said, "this virus knocks you out."  Both of the first two recovered doctors treated at Emory in Atlanta have been giving plasma donations at close intervals for other patients.  Laurie Garrett had reported total hair loss in her book “The Coming Plague”.  We can only hope that early and aggressive treatment, including antibodies and anti-virals, will prevent these problems. 

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