Saturday, October 18, 2014

US military, media inadvertently help encourage ISIS propaganda (former Army intelligence officer)

A former US intelligence officer (apparently while in the Army when serving in Iraq), says that US detention camps in Iraq apparently became the breeding ground for recruiting many of today’s ISIs fighters.  CNN has the story and video here, link.  Many detainees were innocent, simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.  But many were radicalized by other prisoners, who could fool the US Army into increasing punishments in the camps into radicalizing them.  Similar radicalization may happen in prison populations and ghettos in the US, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.  
CNN’s Brit Baldwin interviews Stephanie Elam about more material on threats by ISIS to attack police, journalists, and military members’ families, video link here.  Elam points out that the coverage of the Frein case in Pennsylvania sends the idea overseas that attacks on police get media attention, and that the media has a “balancing act”.  The ISIS capabilities of mapping possible targets in social media was presented by former CIA operative Tony Shaffer at the News Channel 8 forum “Your Voice, Your Future: The New Terror Threat” on Oct. 18;  see the coverage that day on my “cf” blog (“Films on threats to freedon”), or look here.

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