Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Many children orphaned in West Africa by Ebola (as well as previous wars); new story about ISIS fighters caught at US-Mexican border from conservative congressman (denied by administration).

The Washington Post reports on the problems or orphans in Liberia (as well as Sierra Leone), in a front page story by Lenny Bernstein and Gail Sullivan, “A new generation or orphans: Liberia, still recovering from civil war, now has a wave of children left without parents by Ebola”, here

Other people who have recovered and have antibodies to Ebola are now expected to care for them.
One of the caregivers who took care of mother in 2009-2010 had come from Sierra Leone 20 years before.  Sebastian Junger covered civil war in Sierra Leone in the late 1990s, as I recall.
Another coworker, in the 1990s, took a management position with the Liberian Ship Registry (run from northern Virginia) when I worked for the parent company (then USLICO).  It’s likely she would have had to travel there for her job.

It has been reported that Thomas Eric Duncan has died of Ebola in Dallas early Wednesday.  

There is another story on CBS, Rev. Duncan Hunter claims that at least ten ISIS fighters have been caught trying to come into the US (Texas) across Mexico, link here.  The Department of Homeland Security denies it now.  The story first broke on Fox News (known for "conservative coverage").  

Media reports also indicate that Scotland Yard arrested four men in London on suspicion of an Australian-style "beheading" plot.  They can be held for 13 days.  

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