Sunday, October 12, 2014

ISIS advancing quickly despite US air strikes

ISIS seems near to capturing the town of Kolbani, in Syria near the Turkish border (Fox story) and the province of Anbar (CNN story), approaching Baghdad outskirts and threatening the airport.  The US has tried to delay the attack with low-level helicopters.

It still seems likely that ISIS can take the entire city itself, but it can fire into the city and cause disruption with sleeper cells.
It's clear that when Obama withdrew from Iraq, he left a power vacuum, and a corrupt government and military that could not defend the country.  There are more calls that US ground troops will have to return.

This has been a horrible time for Obama's foreign policy, which could undercut the advances he has made in equality areas like gays in the military and the end of DADT.    Obama's administration "overestimated" the capabilities of Iraq's armed forces, to put it mildly,.

As the world becomes more dangerous again, individual rights of people everywhere are put in peril, supposedly for the "common good" and "the future".  
The Washington Post has a most chilling report by Griffe Witte on the recruiting tactics and "message" of British extremist Anjem Choudary, who stays barely within the law as he recruits impressionable young men into a vision of Islamist world domination, link here

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