Friday, October 10, 2014

Cuban migration suddenly surges, echoing issues from 1994 and even 1980

Cuban migration by raft or amateur boat to south Florida is increasing markedly, according to a front page story in the New York Times Friday by Frances Robles, link here.  The last big surge of migration had occurred in 1994.
The story catches my eye because there was a surge in 1980 when I was living in Dallas.  There was a plea, made to sound urgent, in the LGBT community then, to house gay refugees – at the time, many of the refugees had been thought to be gay.
Now, there are major issues of immigration from many parts of the world – the child migration from Central America, illegals from Mexico, and people seeking asylum from Africa, the Middle East, and Russia, due to persecution on either religious (Muslim against Christian) or social (often LGBT) grounds.  
However, the administration seems very reluctant to make an issue of the availability of hosts here to sponsor people who do not already have relatives to support them.  One reason is that the asylum process could itself be abused to allow terrorists to come to the country covertly.  Another is simply that the government does not want to encourage illegal migration.  This is an issue with a lot of moral tension.  

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