Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Obama at U.N.; the irony of what Assad "achieves"

On the day that President Obama gave a stirring address at the United Nations and chaired a Security Council meeting, and also a day when coalition forces destroyed ISIS oil refineries, denying them income, Vox Media produces an op-ed about Syria: "Congratulations, Assad: You successfully got the U.S. to bomb your enemies instead of you," link here. Indeed, think of the irony.  The U,S. has to act in a way that it thinks protects its own citizens at home.  Of course, one can debate whether Obama's reasoning is right.  I personally think it is.  
CNN's Anderson Cooper gives an interview concerning sleeper cells and lone wolves, here.
Vox has also questioned the "legality" of attacking specifically Khorasan.  

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