Monday, September 1, 2014

North Korea lets CNN interview three of its US prisoners

North Korea has taken advantage of world tensions elsewhere to try to improve its own propaganda, showing water parks, and letting CNN interview three other American prisoners it has detained. The CNN news story is here.

These three are Kenneth Bae, Matthew Todd Miller and Jeffrey Edward Fowle.  One of these was imprisoned for leaving a Bible in a hotel room.  In North Korea, only the leaders are "divine". All have admitted violating North Korean law to CNN.   Bae has been serving a lot of time at a hard labor camp.  All are living in a hotel now.  Miller says he faces a trial (for tearing up some paperwork) and could wind up in a labor camp. Miller said that the US government hasn't done much for those held in North Korea.  CNN said that it thought that North Korea wants to use the detainees as bargaining chips to ease up on US control over their development of nuclear weapons.  The CNN reporters say that had they not followed instructions exactly, even they might have been detained as prisoners.  

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