Thursday, September 4, 2014

CNN interviews a defected ISIS fighter, now in Turkey, who warns that they will try to attack home countries out of religious titillation; "philosophy was canceled"

Arwa Damon and Holly Yan have an article on CNN “Inside the Mind of an ISIS fighter”, link here
CNN interviewed a former fighter and defector, who found their tactics against civilians too brutal but agreed with their religious views. “Philosophy is prohibited; they canceled it as a kind of blasphemy.”  Given the course of my own life in the late 90s, that statement sounds especially ironic.
The fighter said that after establishing the caliphate, ISIS fighters will try to conquer their home countries. He also said that security measures in western countries make it very difficult for fighters to carry out effective attacks right now, but they will become more dangerous in the future. 
According to the defector, they honestly believe that Allah commands that persons who do not submit to him literally according to the Koran (as they read it) must be killed.   It doesn’t make sense to a westerner, but in the early tribal history of the Old Testament, this sort of belief was common.  To some young men, this sort of belief reinforces itself and becomes titillating.  The supposed “virtue” enforced on others becomes the point of existence and a reason to reproduce.  

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