Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blitzer interview heighten's Putins disrespect for international law

The Telegraph, in a story by Justin Huggler, reports that Vladimir Putin has “privately” threatened to invade Poland, Romania, and the Baltic States, link here.  An invasion on any NATO country could require all members to respond.
And today, Wolf Blitzer interviews Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko. About how Putin reneged.  Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons in return for absolute guarantee of its sovereignty, which was deliberately violated when Crimea was seized and when Putin assisted the rebels in trying to build a land bridge to it. The CNN link is here.  The breakdown of sovereignty and the “liberal” idea of law and order in the past year is shocking.
There could be some concern about the border of Finland, at least according to a hack of one of my own files in 2002 where the hacker left the names of some places near the border on an essay that discussed 9/11 and nuclear weapons.  Such a hack has not happened again.  Finland is not a member in NATO.

In the meantime Scotland’s vote is counted from paper ballots and the outcome isn’t known until Friday morning.  Leaving the UK now sounds stupid.  NATO countries will be unlikely to admit Scotland as doings could spur separatism in their own countries.  

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