Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pentagon: ISIS "is like nothing we have ever seen -- Get ready"

Defense Secretary Chuck Hegel said today that the US must "get ready" for ISIS (or ISIL) and that ISIS is "like nothing we have ever seen", with the CNN story with Barbara Starr here. What does this mean?

Does he mean we should be ready for major ground operations in Syria and Iraq again?  Does he mean that American (and British, Canadian, other western civilians) should get ready personally for attacks?  Could this have anything to do with the power grid?

Only CNN presented the story this way late Friday.

But later accounts Friday emphasized the idea that ISIS believes in an "end of days" ideology which could help explain the barbarism.

ThinkProgress reported speculation by Texas GOP  governor Rick Perry (indicted?) that ISIS fighters would infiltrate the US through the Mexican border, probably with the help of Mexican or Central American drug gangs (link) but admitted he had no real evidence to back up the idea -- yet.  But -- connect the dots!

Update: Aug. 22

Vox Media has a card series on myths about ISIS, here. It's true that the group as affiliated with Al Qaeda had been active in Syria for years and had been brutal.  But it split off in Feb. 2014 and seemed to become even more violent, moving into northern Iraq this summer.

Also, today USA Today has a story "How dangerous is Islamic State? Returning Western militants pose threat to homeland", by Rick Hampson, link here.

Newsmax has a story an video quoting an ex-CIA officer saying there is no doubt ISIS sleeper cells are in the US.  The language that is quoted is rather belligerent.  

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