Monday, August 11, 2014

Palestinian professor writes that Israeli policy encourages individual Palestinian "selfishness"

The Washington Post has an interesting column about “personal selfishness” in the Middle East, “Palestinians are forgetting how to stand together”, by Birzeit professor Adania Shibil, p B5 (Outlook) link here.  Israel has manipulated things on the West Bank so individual citizens can have cars and condos, even if they can’t move apart freely.  Many Palestinians, she says, have less personal reason to take the risks for fighting for bigger causes.  This sounds like the old “hyperindividualism v. solidarity” problem. The report also seems ironic in that in the past, it is expropriation of Palestinian lands for settlements that provoked controversy.

As I was testing a new computer today, I rewatched an old interview by Tom Brokaw of Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar on the DVD of the film “The Last Best Chance” by Ben Goddard, in which the interviewees note that nuclear weapons have been removed from the Ukraine.

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