Saturday, August 9, 2014

Concerns mount that ISIS terrorists could cross Mexican border, using migrant children as shields

Vox is explaining a lot more about ISI (or ISIL) and Obama’s kid-gloves air strikes (as Obama heads for Martha’s Vineyard, a Clinton hideout, where I have never been because it is too much trouble to reach it), here.  True, it this is primarily about Sunni’s vs. Shiites, then why does ISIS pursue Christians, and why does it brag in slick social media about its brutality (and bullying).  Vox has said that ISIS comes from the “guilty remnant” of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

In some parts of Syria, ISIS actually “employs” people, runs the utilities and actually levies taxes. 
And some Western-born jihadists have bragged that they are coming back to eke mayhem on the US and Europe.
Some security experts on CNN have pointed out that ISIS terrorists could cross the US border from Mexico undetected.  This would logically raise the scenario of their trying to use unaccompanied minors as human shields, very likely collaborating with Latin American gangs and drug cartels. That is one good reason that the US cannot encourage the idea that illegal minors should come, even if some people think that Americans have a personal moral responsibility to shelter them from violence. 

CNN added a sobering story and video by Paul Cruickshank, here

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