Monday, July 14, 2014

Straight couple gives glowing report on health service with Peace Corps in Uganda; what happens with LGBT volunteers in a country like this?

The Wordpress “Freshly Pressed” collection (which is available to people with Wordpress accounts, whether free or through a provider like Bluehost) offers a selection of original new posts (rather like “next blog” from Google) and today I saw a rather catchy story “A Local’s Perspective”, by “Kelly and Ari” from the Global Health Service Partnership sponsored by the Peace Corps, on a blog called “A Year in Mbarara”, which is another city in Uganda.   The story talked about the rewards of serving in a different culture. The story made no mention of the horrific consequences of the anit-gay law in Uganda.  The consequences of the law is that many possible volunteers could not go to a place like that, and employers or engineering companies, for example, could not send some employees, like recent college grads, there.  Uganda may not have yet experienced the lawlessness of some nearby countries like Kenya and the CAR, but the passage of these laws has been followed by breakdowns in other areas (like Nigeria).  Here’s the URL for the story.

Reddit has a page on LGBT volunteers in the Peace Corps in Uganda and other similar places, and some remain closeted.  That wouldn’t possible for somebody with an aggressive social media presence.   

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