Sunday, July 6, 2014

Palestinian exile follows Israel's return; more on ISIL; Smithsonian invites guest participation in China, Kenya exhibits

Today, Interim Pastor Stan Hastey at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC gave a simple characterization of the decades-long struggle between Israel and Palestine.
The Jews were returning to their ancient homeland, as they had before the time of Christ (after exile to Babylonia, now in Iraq).   But to do so, they believed that they had to drive the Palestinians out of their own homelands.  So returning from one exile leads to another.  Again, this interpretation comports with the work reported here previously by George Meek, concerning the eviction of Palestinians from their homes without compensation. 
The Washington Post today has an important piece by Daniel Byman on p B3 of Outlook, “5 Myths about the Islamic State”, link here.   Byman poohs the idea that ISIS has any immediate aims against the US.


On Saturday afternoon, I went through the Smithsonian Folklife exhibitions on China and Kenya.  That’s a lot quicker, cheaper, and safer than going there.  The Kenya exhibit had a “storytelling” session that invited the audience to “join in”. 

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