Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kidnapping and murder of Israeli teens reminds us that in many parts of the world, everyone is viewed as a soldier (casualties v. victims)

Both sides of the activity surrounding the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli high school students by rogue militants on the West Bank, demonstrate the horrible dilemma for kids brought into the world and raised by parents in that part of the world, both sides loyal to religious and political ideologies.
The kids are targeted and punished for what their parents supposedly do, or what the Israeli government does – which, as we have covered here before, often seems to have included taking lands from Palestinians without compensation.  And now, as a story in Vox Media today by Max Fisher, link;  it seems as thought the Isreli government will punish Palestinian civilians for the actions of rogue militants as if they had been coordinated by Palestinian leadership.
In many parts of the world, every citizen, from teenage years on, is a soldier.  They don’t have a choice about it.  It doesn’t add anything to refer to them as victims, but more as casualties. 
It’s well to remember that terrorists regard every citizen who “benefits” from his or her society as a combatant.  No one gets out of watching their back, in their world. 
All of these concerns have to be reflected upon in conjunction with the recent concerns the intentions of “ISIS” (or “ISL”) who have declared their unrecognized Caliphate to be official.  Do they want to rule their own world or ours too?    

Update: July 4

Fareed Zakaria writes on CNN's GPS, "Social media poisoning Middle East politics", here

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