Thursday, July 31, 2014

Homeland Security ponders the threat of jihadists raised in the US

The story of American teen and then young adult Muslim, Moner Mohammed Abusalha, who martyred himself in Syria, has startled Homeland Security authorities because he came back home (to Florida) before returning.  The story in the New York Times July 31 is  ”Suicide bomber from U.S. came home before attack; difficulty tracking trips to and from Syria illustrates problems for authorities”, link here  authored by Michael S. Schmidt and Mark Mazzetti.  However, the course of the story may seem “reassuring”, that many radicalized young men are more interested in remaining overseas (in Muslim homelands) to fight for their causes than to bring it back here.  However, the New York Daily News ran a story in which Abusalha rants, “We are coming for you”, link here.  All of this seems to heighten the need to do a full trial in the Boston Marathon case, to find out what makes someone like that tick.  

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