Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Extradition difficulties could compromise "America's Most Wanted"; more on limits of nuclear deterrence; more on child migrant crisis (Maryland governor asks for foster parents)

In the “international area” there are a few concerns today
One of these concerns John Walsh’s show “The Hunt” on CNN (most recently reviewed on the TV blog, July 27).  There is a possibility that a long term fugitive could try to hide in a country with which there would be complications should the US (or a state within the US) try to extradite.  For example, a criminal might hide in Italy, and count on the Amanda Knox situation to make it harder for the US to get him back.
Vox has talked about North Korea’s strategy of threatening nuclear attacks that it can’t possibly carry out (link).  Of course, this is never funny, and that is part of the point.  Acting crazy may seem to improve one’s bargaining position (especially in front of one’s own subjugate people).  But Vox goes on to suggest that Richard Nixon played this game with the Soviets in the early 1970s. Nixon made a goodwill trip to China in 1972 – I remember the television coverage although I haven’t seen the entire opera “Nixon in China” by John Adams – so this claim seems to lack traction. Moreover, when I was “drafted” into the Army in February 1968 and in Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, SC, one of the points was that US willingness to put draftees on the ground in combat in Vietnam (in response to the Domino Theory –  a good item for high school history exams now) instead of relying strictly on nuclear deterrence, was indeed part of the strategy of making nuclear war less likely, given how the Cuban Missile Crisis had evolved in 1962.  This might sound more important now given Putin's recent behavior. 

There’s still another item.  The State of Maryland, or Democratic governor Martin O’Malley (so helpful with gay marriage in 2012) now is asking citizens and charities (especially faith-based) for help sheltering children with foster care in the child migrant crisis, since some may be housed in Maryland.   The link fir information and volunteers is here.  There was a story that some migrant children would be housed at a facility in Bristow, VA, near Manassas (Prince William County), link here  but that is uncertain.  No call from the state for volunteers has surfaced in Virginia yet that I have heard of.  No, I am not prepared to become an emergency foster parent, “the Drogheda House” notwithstanding, and that is a karma problem.  

Update: March 27, 2015

Know was finally cleared today (as was Sollectio), detailed story on CNN here

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