Thursday, July 24, 2014

CNN reports that artillery has been fired into Ukraine from Russia; rebels kidnap CNN journalist

CNN reports that there is new evidence that Russian forces are firing artillery into eastern Ukraine from Russian territory, as well as providing high-tech artillery to Russian rebels, which brought down Malaysian Flight MH71, story here. This sounds like deliberate aggression.  It reminds me of the Soviet incursion into Hungary in 1956 (when I would have been in seventh grade) and into Czechoslovakia in 1968 (when I had been drafted into the Army).

CNN also reports that one of its freelance journalists (Anton Skiba) has been detained by rebels in eastern Ukraine.  He was taken outside a hotel.   Far from the world of armchair blogging, real war journalism can be as dangerous as combat.  Anderson Cooper worked this way as a young man in southeast Asia and paid his dues.  So has Sebastian Junger.  

Update: July 25:

Ukraine seems to have no control of its eastern regions at all.  Timothy B. Lee has ventured into foreign affairs to write an anlalysis of the collapse of the Ukraine government on Vox here

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