Friday, June 13, 2014

ISIS takes Iraq and Syria into existential danger for even more ordinary people

I recall asking my father once, what living under Communism could be like.  He said that someone would monitor everything you say, even in the home.
It seems that totalitarian political cultures do take things that far.  History provides plenty of examples, like the way the Nazis monitored the homes of even their own Gentile citizens, let alone how they behaved as they invaded other lands. 
Now we’re seeing a “failed state” in the Middle East – well Syria was already spread, as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants (ISIS) actually take over major towns in northern Iraq, including the second largest city (Mosul), and as the government’s own Army flees, in apparent cowardice.

CNN’s latest page, with many links, including stories of civilians fleeing, by Greg Bothelho, here.  It’s remarkable that in some areas, ISIS seems to be restoring some sort of economic order and utilities, but apparently barging into homes at gunpoint, requiring civilians to pray five times a day, confiscating alcohol and tobacco, and requiring women to be covered and to stay inside.   I’ve never understood that there is any real difference between Shiite and Sunni Islam in how it is practiced in personal lives.  Could it happen here?  There are some people who want that.  It’s easier to live a disciplined life if you know that others have to.  Never remain complacent.  

Update: June 16

Wikipedia calls ISIS and "unrecognized state" with capital at Ar-Raqqah, Syria.  ISIS acronym also means "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and the group has been active for quite some time.

CNN is asking whether Al-Baghdadi is the next "Osama bin Laden", and what the phrase "See you in New York", as uttered in 2009, really means.  

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