Thursday, June 19, 2014

Did Saddam have chemical weapons after all? Was W. right?

Many media sources report that Sunni or ISIS extremists occupy the site of one of the deposed Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons facilities, although it's unlikely that they can make much of what they find, as in this Wall Street Journal story today, link.   The story has also been reported this evening on AC360.

There was a lot of controversy of all the documentation of evidence against Saddam in 1992 (the notorious 747 and the speech by Colin Powell at the UN) but no real WMD's were found after Saddam was removed and found and executed.  The Left often used this as a reason not to be in the war.  Yet, occasionally there were stories of hidden caches being found, but the stories did not stick in the media.

I remember the night of Shock and Awe in March 2003.  I was at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis and we had just finished a film showing, and the report came in on cable,

I remember the night that we started "Desert Storm" in January 1991, hearing about it as I entered a Bally's health spa in northern Virginia for a workout.  

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