Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ABC News reports on novel new terror threats for planes being developed in Syria and ISIS territory

ABC News reports that terrorists, probably associated with ISIS, are working in remote areas of Syria and western Iraq as well as Yemen, on the next generation of micro-explosives with non-metallic, soft substances that could easily be smuggled onto planes with carryon luggage.

The news story, reported by Pierre Thomas, is coauthored with Jack Date and Mike Levine.

The largest concerns could come with flights first from mideastern countries to the west, including the US, by western Islamic extremists with western passports, including around 100 from the US.  Presumably they are on a no-fly watchlist, but that involves the NSA surveillance mechanisms that have become so controversial.      
It isn’t clear if they could bring them back and then try them in domestic flights, or try to smuggle them into high tech components like laptops.  The TSA has allowed travel with technology to become easier in recent years, with TSA-friendly laptop bags, and with says that screeners know what insides of tech and household items should look like. 

I actually considered screening work briefly in 2002 and 2003.  It would be painstaking and grueling. 

Update: June 25

Note that "ISIS" is also called "ISIL" (especially by John Kerry), for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant", as discussed here   It's also called "Da'ish".

The Washington Times this morning discusses a Congressional Report to the effect that ISIL wants an Islamic state of its own from which to stage attacks on the US homeland, link here

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