Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Many mainstream pastors unaware of connections between anti-gay laws and other aggression by leaders

On Sunday morning, I did have a brief conversation with a pastor about the instability in Africa.  The pastor was well aware of the kidnapping of young women (those in school) in Nigeria and the likely sale of them into sex slavery.  He was aware of the general level of violence in a number of countries, and the enormous tension between Christians and Muslins in some areas, especially Nigeria and the CAR.  (The kidnapping in Nigeria continues, and indicates that the culture in the Muslim areas demands that women make themselves available for childbearing at the sole pleasure of men.)  He knew about the anti-gay laws and knew they were bad, but was not aware of the level of violence they had precipitated, and the connection between anti-gay laws and the immediate successive aggressive actions in other areas – such as Putin’s move into Crimea and against Ukraine. 
Russia has been reported now as considering a law to prohibit all gay bars (Nigeria already has that).  Russia seems to be denying visas to foreigners well known to have supported gay rights.  I wonder if it would bar me based on my blogs.  

The latest flop, of course, concerns the Sultan of Brunei (adjacent to Indoneais) imposing strict Shariah law and inviting a boycott of his Beverly Hills hotel. 

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