Thursday, May 1, 2014

Artists make "It's Not Okay" series on YouTube regarding Russian anti-gay "propaganda" law

Belgian actor-producer-singer Timo Descamps has produced a video (fall of 2013) “Dear Russia, It’s Not Okay”
Timo notes that he visited Russia two years before, for the first time in his life, just before a ban on “homosexual propaganda” was announced in St. Petersburg, home of the Hermitage “Russian Ark”.  As we know, essentially the same law for the whole country was passed in 2013, with horrific practical results, in terms of the government’s sending a signal inciting vigilantism and the like.
There is an "It's Not Okay" series by a variety of celebrities on YouTube regarding the Russian law. 
Michael K. Lavers has an article today in the Washington Blade, "LGBT Ugandans dying in crimes against humanity", focusing on transgendered issues and also on who whole families are pursued, here

Wikipedia attribution link for museum picture here

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