Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Experts concerned about large gathering of Al Qaeda in Yemen, and what is said at it

CNN situation room is presenting news of a gathering of Al Qaeda in Yemen, with Nasser Al-Wuhayshi, claiming “We must eliminated the cross; the bearer of the cross is America”.  The CIA and Pentagon somehow didn’t know about the meeting as soon as usual. 
The master CNN link is here. Peter Bergen pointed out that this group in Yemen had the expertise to put hidden bombs on international flights without being detected, as with the laser printer device. The particular individual was not seen, but could have trained others.  CNN's Barbara Starr noted that the group has gone unplugged, stayed off the Internet and used couriers again.  That contradicts the idea that domestic terrorists in other countries (like the Tsarnaev brothers) should be recruited in a decentralized manner over the Internet. 
All this happens while the tabloids report “Obama’s top fear is New York getting nuked”, as in the New York Post headline, link.  Administration officials denied that recent comments had anything to do with any specific threat.  A bigger, or more likely catastrophe is probably the possibility of a "dirty" bomb or localized EMP device.  The Boston attack, on the other hand, was deliberately “personal” but the device doesn’t seem to have been as amateurish and "Internet inspired" as first thought.  Tamerlan must have been trained in Chechyna.  

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