Friday, March 28, 2014

Russia now, the Soviets back in the 1970s when Gerald Ford make his gaffe

Take a look at the cover of The Economist, March 22-28, titled “The new world order”, and behold the image of Vladimir Putin, sitting on a tank. He is shirtless, and his chest seems to enjoy the same fate as actor Freddie Smith playing Sonny before any bedroom scene with Will on “Days of our Lives”.  You seem the chests have to be the same. The magazine cover also has a European stop sign, reading “Stop, or the West will put you on the naughty step”.
“They” are worried that Russia will more further into Ukraine. There is already talk of effect on oil supplies. 
Back from 1974 to 1977, when I worked for NBC in New York City as a mainframe programmer analyst, I shared an office, above 49th Street in Rockefeller Center, with a young man of Ukrainian ancestry.  He was boldly anti-communist and liked to make fun of the Soviets. He was particularly taken back with Gerald Ford misspoke in 1976 and said, “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe”, link here

In 1989, toward the end of the year, when I worked for Lewin-ICF (soon to leave for USLICO) there was a lot of office sentiment that the “people of Eastern Europe” (or maybe of East Berlin or East Germany) should be named as Time’s “person of the year”.  

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