Saturday, March 1, 2014

Russia may move troops into eastern Ukraine, echoing Cold War

The Russian parliament (Upper House) has authorized the use of force in the Ukraine, in the Crimean region, according to a breaking news CNN story widely debated now.

Crimea has its own premier and has the only warm-water port on the Black Sea to which Russia as large access/

David Gergen, a Republican but active in the Clinton years, has been saying that Putin doesn't think like the rest of us, and his behavior must be stopped.  The disturbing anti-gay propaganda law seems to fit into a much bigger picture. Gergen called Putin a "thug".

And pro-Russian voices say there will be a secession movement to set up the Russian-speaking eastern part of Ukraine as a separate country.  The vote coming up about Scotland at the end of 2014 is being mentioned as a precedent.

Somehow, this reminds one of when the Soviets moved into Hungary in 1958, during the Eisenhower years.

Update: March 7

OK, the media has been covering Putin's move into Crimea incessantly.  

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