Saturday, March 22, 2014

A drive-about the embassies of Uganda, Nigeria, Russia

I did a circuit of some the embassies of some controversial countries today.

Maybe “God loves Uganda” but it’s chancery occupies two older houses on upper 16th St in Washington.

Nigeria has a sumptuous embassy, next to Pakistan, Malaysia, the UAE and Egypt.  It’s amazing that this country would have such horrible politics. The street was blocked off by Secret Service, but one could drive up.  

You can see Russia driving down on Wisconsin Ave, and drive around and see the back on Tunlaw.  Ukraine is near Key Bridge, which I couldn’t not get to today given the traffic. 

I think that the Russian aggression with Crimea and posturing about Ukraine is getting troubling. 

Remember, in 2002 a copy of an essay about 9/11 on my old site was hacked at an area where I talked about portable nuclear weapons, some of the jibberish overlaying the material seemed to mention places in Finland near the Russian border.  Remember there was a separate Russo-Finnish war in 1942 (subject of a 1999 film “Ambush” (“Tie Rukajarven”) which I saw at the University of Minnesota  Could this area become important again?  It does in my novel “Angel’s Brothers”. 


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