Sunday, February 23, 2014

Washington DC travel expo a bit underwhelming; Putin's Russia is a no show

The Washington DC Travel Adventure Show was a bit underwhelming.  Held in the north building of the Convention Center, it was open less time and a bit smaller than many shows.  Many of the travel destinations were rather local, like Williamsburg, Hershey, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey.  The North Carolina exhibit did have spectacular winter pictures of the Smokies, and Maine showed off its Longfellow Mountains (I didn’t see Katahdin). 

Southeast Asia was reasonably well represented, with some of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore with exhibits. 

Africa had exhibits from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika, but not South Africa.  It did have a weak presence on Egypt, and the sales person said that Egypt was open for business despite the political unrest of recent years.  But obviously missing are the most unstable contries:  CAR, Nigeria, Somalia, etc. 

Notably missing was Russia. 

It’s pretty obvious that GLBT travelers would be concerned about some of these countries.  It might even be dangerous to have visible blogs or websites or in some cases Facebook and other social media presences.  The social media issues for Americans who travel to less democratic countries, especially for Americans who have controversial writings on the Web, is a topic that should be examined.
I didn’t see a posting for Dubai.  It’s interesting that Saudi Arabia advertises itself on CNN as a spectacular place but seems closed to ordinary visitors. 

Turkey was quite prominent.

There was a diving pool and people were taking scuba-diving lessons. 


The cost for the visit was $15.  

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