Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Washington Times is reporting direct contact with Osama bin Laden from someone in the FBI back in 1993; my own tip about a 1984 contact

The Washington Times is reporting, in an exclusive headline story Wednesday February 26, 2014, that an FBI person had direct contact with Osama bin Laden in 1993, perhaps about the time of the first World Trade Center blast. The link is here
This caught my eye because back in June 2005 I received an email from someone who claimed to have been in a private pilot’s class (as for Cessna’s, etc) with Osama bin Laden in 1984, somewhere in upstate New York.  I called the FBI office in Falls Church VA on this one, and was put in touch with an agent (by phone) in Philadelphia who spent about 20 minutes talking to me about the email.  I’ve never heard about it again.  
At one point, I had even thought that I might make an Amtrak trip to Philadelphia to explore all of this.
I did get a few other bizarre emails over the years (especially shortly after 9/11) which I did turn over to law enforcement.  One of them seemed to be a map of nuclear storage sites in the former Soviet Union.  Another seemed to be a coded warning about a possible attack in Indonesia (in the fall of 2002); in fact, a few days after I reported that email, there was a major raid in Indonesia which prevented a second attack in a tourist-filled bar.
Blogger, without security clearances, do get tips.  I feel Janus-faced on the reporter shield issue given my own experiences.  

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