Monday, February 17, 2014

The Internet could be "splintered" by "digital sovereignty"

Michael Hayden of CNN posited an interesting article this weekend, “Is the Internet becoming splinternet?” here.
Some countries are starting to demand that cloud data from users in their countries be stored on servers housed in those countries, so that the countries can limit its use.  Brazil and Indonesia moved toward imposing these requirements. The concept is called “digital sovereignty”.
The article does mention the concern, as exposed by Snowden, that big countries spy on little countries. 
But a bigger issue is that the culture (let alone the leadership) of some non-western countries assumes that citizens should not have unlimited access to knowledge on their own (or be able to add to it), that knowledge should follow political and social structures.  You obviously see this with Russia, where Putin believes information about “non traditional sexuality” should be kept from teenagers so that they will be more likely to have more children as young adults.    

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