Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Russian TV program "The Biochemistry of Treason" comports with an ominous agenda

During the Olympics, the Russian government has apparently been airing a controversial television program “The Biochemistry of Treason”, in which the United States is presented as antagonistic to Russia, and further trying to pull apart the Russian Federation.  William Englund has a story on p. A5 of today’s Washington Post, link here.
Recall, after the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union, there was an attempt to form a “Commonwealth of Independent States” with the former republics, and that fell apart quickly.
It’s apparent that Russian influence is driving much of the violence in Kiev, Ukraine right now.  Putin seems to want the republics back.
And it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine the anti-gay law and fervor in Russia as a way to keep people fighting among themselves, and distracted.  Although does infighting make sense when you want a united nation?  The West is certainly a distraction to Russian “collective vision”.
And, by the way, if Russia wants to ban adoption from any country that allows gay marriage, as a way to put gays in other countries “in the crosshairs”, why not just ban all foreign adoption? Why not, instead, sell the idea of adopting orphans as a moral obligation for Russian families?  Answer, Russian families can’t make enough money.
Add to this the idea that the Russian government seems to support young Russian techies hacking bank accounts of individual westerners.
As the Olympics come to a conclusion, has Russia come back as a Cold War enemy?  Maybe the concept of my 1969 novel manuscript “The Proles” isn’t so outdated after all.

Don’t forget, Russia does have the capability to launch an EMP attack.  It’s not so clear that North Korea, Iran, or Al Qaeda really does.  

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