Thursday, February 6, 2014

Obama mentions persecution of Christians in Iran and North Korea at prayer breakfast

At the Annual National Prayer Breakfast (at the Washington Hilton) this morning, President Obama mentioned American Christians being held prisoner in Iran and North Korea. CSPAN has a video of his address here
I was not aware of any large number of Americans detained in either totalitarian country.

However, Patrick Goodenough has an article in CNS on the issue in Iran, where the constitution theoretically guarantees religious freedom, but where authorities have closed down churches that use Farsi, link here

The article mentions the Belgian group Human Rights without Borders, but I could find no articles there about Christians in Iran.   It mentions 17 POW’s as being held in North Korea.  

Update: Feb. 8

Sudarsan Raghavan writes in the Washington Post Saturday that it is Christian vigilatnes who are carrying out attacks against Muslims in the Central African Republic, story here.

An American, Kenneth Bae, is said to have been moved to a forced labor camp in North Korea. 

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