Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tsarnaev's were radicalized by cults and mind control, not by Internet, says Steve Hassan

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was very likely “recruited” and radicalized very quickly when overseas, and underwent a process similar to joining a cult.  His younger brother Dzhokhar followed suit.
That is what Steven Hassan, author of “Freedom of Mind”, tells CNN’s Erin Burnett in this interview, link
This disputes the idea that Tamerlan and perhaps Dzhokhar radicalized themselves and learned how to improvise weapons just through the open Internet, a finding that free speech advocates will welcome.

Hassan also notes how quickly Katherine Russell, who married Tamerlan, was persuaded to give up her independent academic life and marry Tamerlan and become a Muslim wife, a process that cuts both ways in anyone’s moral system.  The New York Daily News had a story about this here
Hassan explained Dzkokhar’s blasé behavior three days after the bombing as evidence of mind control by his older brother, and of “dissociate disorder”, where reality is denied. 


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