Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rodman's visit to North Korea simply blows up

The visit of basketball personality Dennis Rodman to North Korea and teasing of the psychopathic leader Kim Jong Un has certainly exploded.

Tonight, CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on the anger of Kenneth Bae;s sister, as reported on AC360 here.  Bae is still at hard labor in a DPRK prison.

Earlier Rodman had blown up an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo (original link). .Rodman had claimed that his visit was a "birthday present" for the young dictator, turning 30, who had just had his own uncled assassinated.

Let us not forget that North Korea could be capable of lobbing ICBM's with nuclear weapons or EMP devices toward western US some day relatively soon.

PBS Frontline will soon air "The Secret State of North Korea".

Update: Jan. 8

Jimmy Kimmel notes that about ten players on a basketball team traveled to North Korea with Rodman. Kimmel said that Un would make a "good boyfriend" for Rodman. 

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