Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nigeria is also one of the world's most anti-gay countries

The Los Angeles Times Tuesday carried a detailed story on Nigeria's "Anti Gay Marriage Law" which is really just an ant-gay law, and which has resulted in many arrests, especially in Muslim northern Nigeria. The story by Carol J. Willimas is here. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan had signed the bill into law in 2013.

The law even bans "gay organizations" and gay bars or any facilitation of the ability of homosexuals to meet.  Such a prohibition would obviously be unconstitutional in the US on both due process and First Amendment grounds.

The article points to a a study by the Pew Research Center, "The Global Divide on Homosexuality", link here, where acceptance of homosexuality is generally greater in richer and less "religious" countries.  It also is usually less acceptable in countries with larger non-white populations.  Less affluent countries obviously don't accept the premises of individualism.  African countries tend to connect homosexuality with colonialism.

Nigeria has also been notorious for activity of pirates of the western coast, and for disruption of oil pipelines by protestors (email to me printed here Aug. 15, 2008).

Yet in the 1980s Nigeria had several congregations of the Metropolitan Community Church.    

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