Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ann Curry on the CAR; more on the roots of terror in extreme inequality

An op-ed in the New York Times Thursday by Kenneth Odede, “Terrorism’s Fertile Ground”, about social conditions in Kenya and similar countries certainly gives reason to ponder.  The article, on p. A21, has link here   The “working class” is treated in such bad faith that there is almost no way for young men to earn money but to go to terror camps.  The article does support the idea of terror as “class war”, and paints a grim picture of what could get out of control if inequality is simply too far out of hand in the west.  It also comports with colonialism, and conspiracy theories that sound ridiculous to us, such as the idea that gay rights is a colonialist plot in Uganda.

Ann Curry has an on-the-ground article updating the crisis in the Central African Republic, where tens of thousands are in tents, link on NBC here. (See also story Dec. 2). 

Wikipedia attribution link for CIA map of CAR.

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