Sunday, December 15, 2013

Remember the Vietnam era draft? Vietnam still has human rights abuses on free speech

I was drafted in early 1968, went through a dubious period of Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, SC and even got recycled.  I was in Special Training when President Johnson announced he would not run on March 31, 1968.  I was still there, but about to move on, when Martin Luther King was assassinated. We believed in the domino theory then. My education kept me out of combat and out of Nam altogether.
We lost it all in 1975 (“The Killing Fields”), but Vietnam gradually developed markets, like China. But according to a Washington Post editorial on Dec. 14, Vietnam, like China, still punishes advocates of free speech.  The Post talks about Nguyen Thi Tram and the punishment doled to not only him but other family members, even a niece.  They do that in these cultures.
The link for the editorial is here.
Wikipedia attribution link for Basic Combat Training Reception Station picture. 

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