Monday, December 9, 2013

A quick visit to the Mandela memorial at the South African Embassy this evening

I did pay an outdoor visit to the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa on Massachusetts Ave. in Washington DC this evening around 5 PM. 

The embassy is under construction, so some of the administrative work is temporarily done in another building on International Drive near the Van Ness-UDC Metro Stop.  The media have not been clear on this.  But the commemoration statue is at the Mass. Avenue location.

Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN this evening reiterated the history of South Africa in the 1980s, under minority white-run apartheid, where in the black communities people could be detained and held without charge indefinitely for even organizing protests, and where spies or informants roamed to pick people up. Ted Koppel often covered this on Nightline in the 1980s on ABC.  

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