Monday, September 2, 2013

Syria will use Russian "help" if US attacks, setting up a dangerous confrontation between US and Russia

The latest news from the situation in Syria today on CNN is that Russia is going to provide anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses for Syria, on land and possibly with its own Naval presence in the Mediterranean. It is said that Russia and Syria are “business partners”, because Syria buys so many Russian weapons.

To the diplomatic history novice, this sounds like an invitation to direct conventional contact between the US and Russia. 

CNN also reports that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have offered to help the US; how much is unclear. 
Drawing in Russia sounds especially dangerous given the tension now only Snowden (which many Americans saw as a good thing for Putin to do) because of the way Russia seems to have scapegoated its own LGBT persons, but also seems to be trying to scapegoat LGBT people in western countries, as if to dare these countries to bring back the kind of thinking common a half century ago under McCarthyism.

If would be understandable if Russia did not want to allow same-sex couples to adopt its children.  But to refuse to allow any traditionally married couple to adopt any of its children (some of whom are severely neglected, according to many reports, to the point that some adoptive parents can’t handle them, as with a recent tragic case in Texas) makes its own children hostages and potentially sets up citizens of other countries as scapegoats in its political ambitions.  This is particularly galling. 

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