Monday, August 5, 2013

Now South Korean government wants to counter low birth rate by matchmaking

Now South Korea is reported to be concerned about the low birth rates and an aging population, as in the story in the New York Times Monday by Su-Hyun Lee, “Mom wants you married? So does the state”, link here.
As in many Asian societies, courtship and marriage used to be a much more formal experience than it is today.  And the article notes an odd complaint that women, having become more self-sufficient, have become too “picky” about what kind of man makes the grade to be eligible to father her children.  But when I was of college age, I wondered about the same kinds of standards being applied to me, or to others who maybe “didn’t quite have it.”

It seems rather scary for a government to sponsor dating parties. 

South Korea, at least, has not taken the route of Russia, scapegoating gays for its falling birth rates (as I have covered recently on my GLBT blog).  

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