Friday, August 30, 2013

CNN shows gruesome rogue footage of chemical attacks in Syria

Frederik Pleitgen of CNN narrates a recent account of apparent chemical attacks near Damascus.  The footage was obtained from an “I am Rogue” style filmmaker.  News media is not allowed at the site yet. 

Some people say that rebels could have staged the attack, but could rebels even have access to such weapons?  Secretary of State John Kerry says that the intelligence community has "high confidence" that Assad ordered these attacks. 

CNN also showed another video Friday afternoon (only an hour or so old) showing graphic images of victims with chemical burns. That didn't show up on YouTube yet, but it will soon.

CNN is providing discussions of international law. It is not completely clear that the administration can legally make air strikes without international support yet; administration lawyers are working on that question right now.  But it is understandable that the violation of “international norms” cannot go undeterred.  

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