Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anti-gay law in Russia could just loop us back to Cold War; the dangers of Western intellectualism

It’s getting dangerous out there. 

Russia is between a rock and hard place.  Assuming the Olympic Committee keeps the status quo (it probably will), there will surely be massive demonstrations against its “anti-gay-propaganda” law next winter at Sochi, tempting them into either backing down or making a spectacle.

The Olympic Committee could cancel the event and move it to another country for 2015, perhaps (unlikely).  That would only give the Russians more reason to scapegoat gays.  Worse, it would drive Russia back into being an “enemy” and reignite a new Cold War.

The anti-gay law in Russia could be the result of something more radical gay activists in the US and West warn about: when intellectuals question the “immutability” theory and spin various moral theories (even with politically libertarian intentions), authoritarian regimes in other countries (especially poorer ones) jump and find excuse for repression in these arguments.  In Uganda, the anti-gay movement seems to have been stoked by elements of the US religious right. 

On the other hand, Russia reportedly has been helping radical or rogue states, like Syria, under the table.
And Egypt breaks out into intractable violence, becoming a most unsafe place for journalists and “tourists”.  And in Syria, there are massive refugees and Aleppo is in ruins.

We’ve almost forgotten George Meek’s work on the West Bank issue.  

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