Thursday, July 4, 2013

Smithsonian Folk Life Festival small, but worth a "vacation" visit

It’s humid and torrid on the Mall at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, but at least it’s an opportunity for a “free” one hour round-the-world trip. It's not quite as elaborate as a Busch Gardens (May 4) or Epcot opportunity. 

The emphasis this time was on lost languages.  There were several posters on efforts to rehabilitate obscure African and Asian languages.  Oddly, on the way back on the Metro, a woman was reading a handwritten booklet in a script that looked like Thai.

I got a clip, just a miniature, of Hugarian folk song at “Danuba”.  I don’t think it resembled Bartok very much.

There were booths from autonomous regions with Russia, and for Colombia, and Guatemala (with all the volunteer infrastructure projects).

Apparently more pictures and displays were added for Hungary on Saturday, July 6, such as this:

or this interesting cultural mapo.

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