Friday, June 14, 2013

You need to be "Man of Steel" to report from Syria; chemical weapons use

The media has covered one of the ultimate war crimes, use of chemical weapons in Syria, including actions against civilians. The last time this happened was around 1988, whem Saddam Hussein did the same against the Kurds.  
The president has said that a “red line” has been crossed, but the response, help for rebels, seems to be met with mockery.
CNN has a typical news story from Damascus here.  

You’d have to be “Man of Steel” (as Zack Davis and Christopher Nolan conceive of him) to act as a reporter on the streets of Damsacus or Aleppo.   
The obvious concern about an underwhelming response:  that kind of activity from terrorists could happen here.  And the NSA claims that its snooping, so much a matter of controversy in recent days (and the Wall Street Journal maintains it’s not as bad as what the IRS did in Cincinnati, right next to the Great American Ballpark) has indeed stopped several significant terror attacks in the past few years, although whether WMD’s could have been involved, we don’t know.  

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