Monday, June 17, 2013

Guardian publishes Q-A chat log of public interview with Snowden, from Hong Kong

OK, here’s the chat log from the column “Glenn Greenwald on Security and Liberty,”  where he interviews Edward Snowden, link

As we have heard, Snowden says he cannot get a fair trial in the United States, and that he was able to go to Hong Kong quietly (even as an NBA contractor) because it has a separate legal system from China (although not separate sovereignty).

Audience members then ask question.  Snowden says he is different from Assange and Manning in that he screens what to release.  He claims that harming people is not his goal, but “transparency” is. 

Snowden says that encryption works, but that typically most government and private security is weak

Snowden says he has had no contact with the Chinese government, 

He also said that he had "hope" in Obama in 2009 but was quickly disappointed, for example about Guantanamo. where men sit without charge.

He also says that being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is a "high honor".

Peter Bergen and David Sterman offer a perspectve on whether the NSA spying really is what stopped terrorist attacks within the US, on CNN, here

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