Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small London attack appears a partial "copycat" of Boston

There was a gruesome attack by two individuals in south London on one returning British soldier, which one  attacker then filmed and bragged about before being shot by British Police.  He claimed “an eye for an eye”, and “apologized” that women and children saw the attack, but claimed women and children see them in the Middle East.
The sounds like a copycat of the rhetoric of the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston.  Incidentally, a third suspect associated with Boston was shot in a confrontation with Police today in Florida.  So the London attack today (at 2 PM London time) appears to be a copycat attack. 
While individual “jihadists” might  believe they are waging “war”, western countries do not target individual public citizens for physically humiliating and maiming attacks in public places;  to do so would be considered a war crime. Most street attacks that happen in the Middle East come from other radical Islamists.  

Fareed Zakaria points out that western troops are in Islamic countries at the invitation of the governments of the countries, which Zakaria says are democratically elected (questionable point).  His speakers also point out that some Muslims, even born in European countries and Britain, are not assimilated.  
The CNN link for the story is here.  CNN videos no longer seem to be emeddable.  

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