Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can rogue states really bring down the power grid with cyberwarfare or hacking?

In the past two weeks, CNN journalist Candy Crowley, on “State of the Union”, has presented several guests who express grave concerns about the ability of Iran (and probably much less so North Korea) to wage cyberwarfare on the United States and attack major infrastructure – the power grid and energy supplies – particularly in northeastern US.  Some speakers said this could dwarf Sandy and the tornadoes.
The guests include Newt Gingrich, Dutch Ruppersburger and Mike Rogers, with a link here
The media seems to be more concerned with cyberattacks than the possibility of electromagnetic pulse attacks, which can actually be localized with non-nuclear devices. 
The Reuters video below (from March 2013) says that a cyberattack could direct power grid components to destroy themselves. 
A good question would be, why can the software controlling the power grid even be accessed at all through the public Internet.  Seeing the grid as like a model railroad layout, why does the topology even allow it?

I woke up to this report by Candy this morning. Slept in after a night in the disco,  Back to reality? 

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