Sunday, May 26, 2013

British government censors Internet, removes some websites and articles after lone wolf attack in London Wednesday

The British government has removed up to 5700 articles and whole websites from availability in Britain, according to criteria it has developed as  apparently likely to invite self-radicalization by extremists (particularly radical Islam).

The Times of India has a story Sunday afternoon, saying the censorship has started after the Woolwich machete attack Wednesday. The link is here

The British government is examining up to 22 factors.  One of them might be instructions for home-made weapons making. I'll try to find out exactly what these factors are; the story did not list them.  

iGoogle included this as a lead story today for users who signed on to their Google accounts.  It also says that although Google has index over a trillion sites, it’s only a small fraction of what is on the web somewhere.  No clear cut search result of “inspire” was available after the Boston attacks, but it’s likely that the radical publication moves all the time from server to server offshore. 

Apparently the censorship in Britain will go down to specific IP addresses or ranges when they are known.
The censorship is troubling inasmuch as radical elements have encouraged :”do it yourself” violence at home rather than traveling to radical countries for training.  But in the Boston case, the investigation is open just on how much training the elder Tsarnaev received overseas.  It still might be considerable. 

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