Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Washington Post editorial says "Imagine Me Naked" -- and it's not amusing (we're not prepared)

The Washington Post ran an editorial today about future government response to a radiation-associated disaster, which could be deliberate.  It’s in response to an EPA report on “Protection Action Guides” here.

 It’s true, as the Post contends, that the report can be criticized for ambiguity and glossy language.
What is so disturbing about the editorial is the way it starts, with the imperative verb “Imagine”. The article link is here

It takes only a good high school education in world history and social studies (about both Communism and Fascism)  to realize that there are people who could, in asymmetric fashion, feel motivated to disrupt to economy with enormous regional  property and infrastructure damage (specifically through radiation or electromagnetic pulse, which doesn’t require nuclear devices).  Rather than maiming physical injuries (as in Boston), the aim would be to spread the “shame” of homelessness and loss to everyone. Again, in my own “coming of age”, I encountered members of the radical Left who thought this way.  Conservatives like Newt Gingrich and Roscoe Bartlett have been warning about these possibilities (as has the Washington Times newspaper) . At least once, a commentator on CNN has attributed such a possibility to fictional agents from North Korea.
If someone has property in an exposed area, it’s possible to plan a backup site to retreat to --- carrying all of one’s digital gear (hopefully in the cloud or preferably on optical disks) with one, to a safer rental site, perhaps a corporate extended-stay apartment in a safer, inland city.  (Atlanta – “Braves Country” -- sounds good – most people don’t know that it is on a plateau about 1000 feet above sea level.)   Have it planned in advance.  If I had “inherited” a situation on the Jersey or North Carolina coast, or in western wildfire country, I would make such plans.  But some things cannot be anticipated in advance.  

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